The Viewpoints

improvisation / composition

“Ideal performing is the expression of the metaphysical through physical acts.

Ideal theatre is the creation of an invisible world through visual presentation”,

Yoshi Oida

This Workshop is specifically designed to  equip participants with a heightened 

awareness of composition through   improvisation tools, the information of

space, the experience of time, the familiarity of shapes, the qualities and

rules of kinetics in movement, the ways  of logics, that stories are formed and the

states of being and emotional exchanges  that constitute the process of 

communication between living creature. It  is based on the training technique the

Viewpoints, which has been developed by  the renowned american directors M.

Overlie and A. Bogart.


University of Fine Arts UDK Berlin, Dance Intensive Program

Tanzfabrik Berlin, Movimentos Festival Wolfsburg

Maik Riebort is a performer and choreographer from Berlin; His works emphasizes on the process to be a product and vice versa in dance; teaches the Viewpoints at University of Fine Arts –UDK- Berlin, and  Tanzfabrik Berlin; works continiously with Tino Sehgal, done works with Ismael Ivo, Prof. Ingo Reulecke (Ernst Busch Berlin), Andreas Müller, Nir de Wolff, Keith Hennessy. His own works were shown at Dublin Fringe Festival, Tanztage Berlin 06-09, Dock-11 Berlin, Hau 3 Berlin, Galerie Dieter Reitz Berlin, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Oktoberdanse Festival 2010 (Norway).


"Play is a natural phenomenon, which since the beginning has directed the way of the world, the arrangement of substance, its organization into living structures as well as the social behaviour of man." (Manfred Egon)

Play is a natural state. Everybody plays, with toys, computers, thoughts, rules, others, and themselves. Play can also be understood as an enactment of reality. In the last 10 years playing became an issue in the context of Performance. (Xavier le Roy with „Self-interview 2001) This course is designed to be a playground. We investigate improvisational games and scores in order to practice performing and to produce a reflective dialog together. How does the participation/interaction become a creative, changing intervention in a performative context? We will use the open source platform everybody´s toolbox. Are you ready to play, to sweat, to reflect, to perform?