Idee/Performer: Maik Riebort

Photograph: Eike Braunsdorf


size: A3 (420mm x 297mm)

landscape format

Zoro Paris

kneeling in a humble manner in urban spaces

ZORO PARIS is a photography-performance-project exploring the interface of the humble human in artificial places. Inspired of  Willy Brandt´s prostration act in Warsaw, Poland in 1970 the performer Maik Riebort and the photographer Eike Braunsdorf started making versions of simple photographs displaying a kneeling, humble person with a lion mask in landscapes without nature.

The images are brief descriptions of our constantly changing surroundings and our anxieties of artificiality. The body in a kneeling pose; accepting, forgiving, subordinating to a higher meaning. The beauty of man being humble. The need of men to bare their souls.The masquerade - half human, half lion - pretending a royal identity. Always judging. Always controlling.

ZORO PARIS presents the idea of still-acts, a concept proposed by anthropologist Nadia Seremetakis to describe moments when a subject interrupts historical flow and practices historical interrogation.

"The still acts because it interrogates economies of time, because it reveals the possibility of one’s agency within controlling regimes of capital, subjectivity, labor, and mobility." - (Andre Lepecki, Exhausting Dance)