"Play is a natural phenomenon, which since the beginning has directed the way of the world, the arrangement of substance, its organization into living structures as well as the social behaviour of man." (Manfred Egon)

Play is a natural state. Everybody plays, with toys, computers, cars, thoughts, rules, others, and themselves. Play can also be understood as an enactment of reality.

It is not difficult to define social, political and cultural reality with the principle of games. Which opportunities have we got to participate in this game and who defines the rules?

In the last 10 years playing became an issue in the context of Performance. (Xavier le Roy with „Self-interview 2001; „everybody´s toolbox“) This course is designed as a place for playing and investigating improvisational games and scores in order to practice performing and to produce a reflective dialog together. It encourages co-research in order to facilitate a common questioning of what is and what may be, in playful negotiation with shared as well as individual imagination and responsibilities. Generally, we accept existing rules, we play, we win, we loose, but above all, we are entertained. What happens, though, when we start to play with the facts? Who plays with whom? How does the participation/interaction become a creative, changing intervention in a preset order?


1. In "Multiple Realizations Realizing Multiplicity" we will create, debate and perform an archive.

- An archive can be used to define a specific area of interest within performance, and to elaborate and develop thoughts on a certain topic for instance “the archive on how to work”, the archive on spectatorship” or “the archive on what practice is”. It relies on the form of manifesto where being precise to the point of excluding other possibilities is desirable. The archive will be filled with statements which do not need to have eternal value, but they should trigger you to think differently. The tool is about producing opinions and positions that can be productive within your work. The purpose is to clarify your own ideology and make it visible to others. It’s also about daring to take a stand, exposing yourself to critique and put some fire in the debate.

Idee/ Umsetzung: Maik Riebort

Performer/Umsetzung:  Maik Riebort,  Rosaling Goldberg, Janyce Michellod, Zufit Simon, Kristin Tovson

Länge: 60 min

supported by the council of Berlin